The Garnished Sidecar

Is it really a Sidecar without some lemon for garnish? Add a dehydrated lemon slice to the Isaac and you'll never be in doubt.

In this Set you'll receive:

  • (1) Infused Cubes The Isaac - Lemon Balm & Sage Sidecar with Spiced Cherry Bitters, 12-Cube Pack
  • (1) Cocktail Companions Dehydrated Lemons, 12 Handy Slices

Take our Sidecar for a spin.

Step 1. Freeze a box of Infused Cubes.

Step 2. Pop open as many cubes as needed.

Step 3. Drop cubes into a shaker or glass, pairing 1 cube + 1 shot (1.5oz) of your favorite spirit or seltzer.

Step 4. Shake or Stir until completely dissolved.

Step 5. Pour cocktail into desired glass and float garnish or place on rim. Enjoy your deliciously chilled Herb & Lou's cocktail.

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