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The 15 Best Gifts for the Guy that Likes to Drink

Giving an alcohol themed gift is usually a pretty safe bet. Most people drink at least a moderate amount, so already there’s a common interest there. And gifts are a great way to introduce people to things they might like but otherwise wouldn’t have thought to pick up. Maybe a close friend loves bourbon and they just haven’t known where to start. Click here for the whole article

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I've done a lot of shopping over the past few days. I guess it all started last week when I went into town to look for an  anniversary gift for Brad. And then I caught the Christmas Decorating Bug (it's very contagious) and the rest is history. Click here for the whole blog post

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Father's Day Gift Guide

Time has been flying by lately and I wanted to leave you plenty of room to start thinking about Father’s Day before it totally sneaks up on us!!! It’s a pretty special Father’s day this year. Click here to read the complete story  

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10 Easy Summer Hostess Gifts for $50 or Less

A simple shortcut to delicious and brilliantly crafted cocktails. Just freeze the pre-mixed cubes and add your spirit of choice. - Click here to read the full story  

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Both You and Your Drinks Deserve This Ice

But today we’ve got Herb & Lou’s, a not-quite-yesterday-but-still-new outfit that’s peddling infused ice cubes with the noble goal of chilling your drinks, sure, but also enhancing your cocktails with some extra flavor. They’re available online now. Click here to read the whole write-up    

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5 steps to
Perfectly Crafted Cocktails