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When you think of the word discovery, you focus on trying to do something new. Some thing that you may have dreamt about doing in the future. Or it could be food, a place, and just about anything you can think of. Click here to read the full story

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Everything You Never Knew You Needed to Know About Ice

The coolest thing at any reception? Ice—whether it's cubed, crushed, or carved into a towering sculpture. While the frozen essential may seem simple, there's a lot behind the drink cooler and art medium. Click here to read to full article 

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Cocktail Ice Cubes Have Everything But the Booze

Want an Old Fashioned? Just add ice. If you're home bar is a little scant, one company has a solution that involves using flavored ice to make just-add-liquor cocktails. It might be the easiest mixed drink you'll ever make (that is, if you want something a little more complex than a vodka Coke). Click here to read to whole article. 

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Make yourself a drink and chill it at the same time with Herb & Lou's Infused Ice Cubes. These pre-mixed ice cubes contain all the ingredients you need to make a tasty cocktail. Click here to read the whole article

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Impress Your Guests: Premium Cocktail Mixers for Home Entertaining

‘Tis the season for having friends over for drinks. ‘Tis also the season for hectic schedules and overcommitting one’s self. An therein lies a dilemma. You want to dazzle your guests with thoughtful cocktails, but you don’t have the time or energy to devote to infusing spirits and preparing syrups and tinctures. Click here to read the full article

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